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Meet Alicia & Rebeca (Founders of Sista Beauty Bar)

Updated: Jan 13

Alicia and Rebeca Silva are two long time best friends & sister-in-laws who decided to start Sista Beauty Bar together, an organic and all-natural skin care brand, in 2022. With a personal interest in natural beauty, they work together to promote well-being and self-care.

Find out a bit more about them below:

We created Sista Beauty Bar to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty. We wanted to take a more natural & organic approach by using what nature provides to create products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Being an entrepreneur can be very stressful and lonely but it was never the case with us.
It's so much better to share everything with someone you fully trust. Having worked together in the past, we have different skills and interests that combine perfectly. Both of us can focus on what we do best and when you mix those skills together, the results are fantastic.

At Sista Beauty Bar, our mantra is work hard, never give up and learn along the way.

We take passion in using all natural & organic ingredients to make our products. As we have a background in Biomedical naturopathy and Phytotherapy, we know that as good as chemicals can be, they will cause harm. However, by using what nature always gave us, we can ensure the wellbeing of each of our clients, as well as promoting a beautiful skin.

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